Optical fiber cables

  • Optical fiber cablesTo serve complex signalling and telecommunications for train control, Nexans has developed MANs and LANs optical fiber cables, and is also an expert in GSM-R technology.
  • To meet the security concerns of tunnels and urban metro systems, we produce metal-armored and all-dielectric OF cables.
  • Increasingly, cost-efficient, compact micro cables are being used in dense subway networks.


Lisbon’s intermodal Gare do Oriente uses Nexans optical-fiber-based LANs to coordinate rail, subway and surface transit, while an all-dielectric cable is used in the London Underground. Recent successes include the ongoing RATP contract (Paris), light rail for the Algiers suburbs, the Caracas subway, and tramways worldwide.

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Fibre optic LAN cables
Telecom Infrastructures/Fibre cables

To safeguard the future of local networks and provide high-speed data rates needed for quality graphic, full-motion video and desktop publishing, Nexans offers high-precision, single and multimode optical fiber and preconnected components.


With GIGAlite, Nexans offer the widest product range of optical fibre LAN cables. In order to help you select the right product depending on your application, you can use the parametric search tool below. GIGAlite cable range enables you to choose the fibre grade to match any cable structure

Optical Underground Cable (OUC)
Signal and data transmission cables/Telecom outdoor cables/Fibre optical cables

Nexans offer a variety of cables that can be installed either in ducts or directly buried in the ground. These cables can have different armouring depending on your application (Metallic or dielectric design).


The Optical fibers "Loose " type cables have Non-metallic traction armouring for loads starting with 150 up to 1200 daN.

Two main standard structures are available; unitubes (up to 24 fibres) and multitubes (up to 72 fibres).


The datasheets presented in this segment are just a short overview of the large Nexans range (More than 1000 cable designs with fibre count up to 432 fibres).