Become a LANsense Partner

There are three levels of LANsense partner:

LANsense Hardware Partner (LHP)

  • Qualified to design, install, and connect hardware

Certified LANsense Partner (CLP)

  • also qualified to offer standard LANsense software

Premier LANsense Partner (PLP)

  • Can offer complete range and integration services including
    • LANsense Enterprise and Data Centre Edition

LANsense Hardware Partner

Certified LANsense Partner
Premier LANsense Partner
Typical Company Profile

Nexans CSP with some networking skills

Financially stable

Committed to customer service

Committed to partnership

Project design capability

Project planning and management capability

Systems Integrator or similar to LHP but with addition of...

Integration & Networking Skills

Resource and financial stability to support medium to large projects 

Typically a large systems integrator capable of supporting major projects.

As per CLP but with addition of enhanced software and network integration expertise.

Authorised to supply.. Installation of LANsense Hardware (including Analysers, Panels, I/O cables etc) Standard LANsense solutions

LANsense Enterprise Edition

LANsense Data Centre Edition


Mandatory 1 day Design and Implementation course

Network hardware installation experience

Mandatory 3 day LANsense course

Networking qualification (e.g. Microsoft Certified Network Professional or BiCSi RCDD/NTS)

Mandatory 5 day LANsense Enterprise training

Networking certification equivalent to Cisco and Microsoft Certified Network Professionals

Application Process


Commercial Assessment

Formal Contract

Training & Skill Assesment

Payment for training & demo equipment

 as per LHP  as per LHP