Indoor/outdoor ribbon cables

Ribbon HFFR sheathed drop cables with 4 fiber ribbons. The cables incorporate up to 12 fibers and are intended to be installed underground in ducts.
Good mechanical properties and cost- and time- saving splicing with ribbon technology

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Optical Underground Cable (OUC)
Signal and data transmission cables/Telecom outdoor cables/Fibre optical cables

Nexans offer a variety of cables that can be installed either in ducts or directly buried in the ground. These cables can have different armouring depending on your application (Metallic or dielectric design).


The Optical fibers "Loose " type cables have Non-metallic traction armouring for loads starting with 150 up to 1200 daN.

Two main standard structures are available; unitubes (up to 24 fibres) and multitubes (up to 72 fibres).


The datasheets presented in this segment are just a short overview of the large Nexans range (More than 1000 cable designs with fibre count up to 432 fibres).